slowly but surely we’re replacing the “charm” of our house with little things that make us happy. this is all in lieu of doing the big changes.
seriously second-narrows is a long bridge.  (at Iron Workers Memorial Bridge)
seriously, second narrows is a long-a$$ bridge  (at Iron Workers Memorial Bridge)
one day…one day #secretoilersfan? Tagged: secretoilersfan  
i miss my niece already…
the post handy carnage
when dad is in town - hello new electrical!!! #dadissuperhandyman Tagged: dadissuperhandyman  
higher uncle thomas!!! thx @smsmhong for the photo! (at Steveston Park)
although the house is the furthest thing from a modernist gem, still makes me happy to have #neutra house numbers Tagged: neutra  
something tells this type of installation would not fly in vancouver #samsculpturepark #heatherhart #temporaryinstallation (at Olympic Sculpture Park) Tagged: temporaryinstallation  samsculpturepark  heatherhart  
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gyoogi  (at Center for Wooden Boats)
50 shades of brown
#bikesnotbombs sweet ride with stroller in front! (at Slate Coffee Bar) Tagged: bikesnotbombs  
tree flower - one day alive one day dead. this one is alive (for now)